About Us

The Concept of Smile At First Sight

The concept of Smile At First Sight began forming almost 2 years ago. I had been working in multiple practices through my career and could not find my happy place. I had a vision for the kind of care and environment I wanted to give patients, and while working for someone else that vision did not meet reality. I have 3 goals to accomplish:

  1. Instead of feeling like at a chore or a test of courage, I wanted patients to feel like visiting us is their chance to get away from the daily stress for a bit. Come in to enjoy a refreshment at our snack bar, listen to some music, watch a movie with our VR headsets, or just close their eyes and take a nap with our relaxing aromatherapy.
  2. I want to bring each of our patients to a state of good oral health.  Oral health is connected to overall physical and mental well-being. In fact, studies have shown a relationship between oral health and everything from heart disease to preterm labor. Our intention is to provide patients with proper education and preventative care so that problems do not occur in the future.
  3. My final goal is to have each patient walk out feeling happy and confident with their smile. I believe this will change not only your mood self-esteem, but also to the relationships around you. One of the first things a stranger notices about you is your smile. That stranger could become your next boss, friend, or even partner in life- so don’t forget to “smile at first sight”!